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8 today, 26 on Tuesday. Birthdays galore!


Sorry not been around much, haven't had much to post, but I'm around my blogs:
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...spam not so wonderful spam.

Been answering a whole bunch of belated :+devwatch: and :+fav: messages and got told I was possibly spamming.

This from the FAQ qhich also mentioned something about possibly account blocking.

Please don't block me oh wise, wonderful and powerful deviantArt gods...I've been on here 7 years and I was just being polite. Next time I won't do so many at once, I promise!

Anyway, if I don't finish replying to messages I apologies and I really appreciate any support I get on the site through favourites and watches.

I know I've been quiet lately, but I've been quiet on all sites because I'm still suffering from designers block.

If you're missing me head to my blogs, I'm usually there :)

Love Love! :boing:
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It's my 7th birthday on deviantArt, how mad is that? It means I was 17 (just) when I first logged on!

Does that make me old in dA terms?!?

Anyway, 7 years ago today I was bullied over here by a friend from another site and bar that 4 year gap, I haven't stopped. I'm going to try and upload something new and special today, or maybe not, depends if I can find anything special!

And to top it off I'm 25 on Monday!! Not sure I feel about that actually!

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Really not finding deviantArts attempt at an April Fool that funny. Especially as I'm in freaking Scotland! We're an hour past noon, April Fool time is over! Get a bloody grip!
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Perhaps not, but it's the New Year and I've decided to start myself a new blog and disband another.

I have two at the moment, one based on my own work and one based on my research last's this blog that I've decided to cull.

Not because I don't like it, but it never came off the way I wanted. I was supposed to blog about my research, but I didn't actually want to tell people about my research in enough depth. Still don't. So it was just a dumping ground for youtube clips and random photos I'd taken during the course.

What I wanted it to be was a discussion about design, jewellery, craft and all the random things which inspire I've started a new one

Here's hoping it'll take off and I can write both seriously about my subject and talk about the things I've been making. I do actually miss writing essays! :lmao:

Now just need to make up my website so I can actually sell stuff properly!

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...all around us...people playing, having fun. Tis the season of love and understanding. Merry Christmas everyone :)


Hope all the lovely people who have added me to their :+devwatch: or stumble across my page of the festive period have a wonderful Christmas and that 2010 starts of really well.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Love, Emily x
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...I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am no officially Emily Boyd BDes (Hons) MDes

Woohoo! I am Master of Design! Mwhahaha :D


"celebrate good times come on!"
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Okay, so I disappeared again, not quite up to my 5 year standard, however here I am with another course ending. Assessments to be sat and low and behold another degree show to set up.

For any residents of Dundee, the degree show opens from the 12th to the 19th of September so get your glad rags on because opening night is this Friday.

Then I promise to catch up on all the messages, posts, deviations & favourites everyone has sent me because all I intend to do is relax and catch up on all my corespondence!

So wish me luck - I give my final presentation tomorrow morning - and come and see the wonders that are the masters of design, fine art, media arts and imaging, forensics and medical art...we're all there and desperate for a rest!
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In relation to accessorising, name 5 fashion trends you have followed over the years...good bad or ugly!

I'm trying to gather information about what people become attached to because of the need to be accepted through external appearance ie fashion. This is another part of my Masters Research and is piggybacking on a study I've already conducted around uni...however more responses will refine my analysis and find more similarities. Plus by asking people on deviantArt it broadens my search outside of Dundee!

It will take two minutes and I will be again eternally grateful.
Em x
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I just deleted all the photographs off of my cameras card without meaning too!


It freaked out and I thought they'd all gone in, deleted them...but only half did. Normally clicking undo would get them all back, but instead it deleted all the ones on my I lost the lot! :(

I can't believe I did that!

So now I've lost a load of prototypes photos, all the photos of my mum's ring bar the one that I submitted, a load of pics of my cats and the garden, photos of displays I liked at the degree show this year, all the photos of my prototype degree show display...:shakefist:
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My 24th Birthday was yesterday, but I hadn't realised that my 6th deviantArt birthday was the 28th of May :D (though technically it was abandoned for 4 years!)

Anyway, I think that deserves a virtual drinkie :beer: and a piece of :cake:
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I passed! Thank God!
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I have my final assessment for this term tomorrow at 11 and I have no idea what I'm going to say. I've been trying to work out what I'll say about my project in my 10 minute presentation and I can't make it make sense.

It's not that I don't know what I'm talking about, or that I don't know my research...I just don't know how to put it all together in one cohesive 10 minute blurt...

Plus last night I dreamt that my tutor was telling me I'd failed all my modules.

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I should be doing anything other than surfing dA at the moment. I've got a hand in on Tuesday and thanks to the fact that I have to hand in a hard copy, I've got to try and shrink 50 pages of images and text onto 25...or not only will my printer die, but the tutors will never, ever read it.

Typical really. They ask you to spend hours of your life writing and drawing stuff and then only read a couple of pages. What's the point?

It really gets my goat actually. Spending hours on something which in the end seems to count for so little. At least it's good for me, to keep notes and ideas etc.

However, I HATE REFLECTIVE JOURNALS. How on earth am I supposed to reflect personally without being person or reflect what I've learnt from a terminally boring lecture???

Ugh. At least it'll be done and dusted with on Tuesday, YIPPY!

- Em x
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I was one, now I'm the brain is so f*cked up right now and all I want to do is make...all I want to do is research new methods of making. New materials, new techniques...

...I walked in on Chrissy (the jewellery technician) talking to some of the jewellers about precious metal clay and about how her whole masters was based on researching that technique...I wish I was doing that.

Maybe I'm just stuck, or missing my old practice, my old friends...or maybe I'm just depressed again. But I can't shake this feeling that nothing I do is right.

Ignore me. I'm just venting because my brain's stalled.

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Well, Christmas and New Year are over and I have to admit, they kind of sucked. I've been ill since Christmas Eve afternoon until the last few days with a completely horrendous flu like cold that knocked me for six - and has subsequently knocked my sister Louise for six too.

Double whammy of fevers and illness over Christmas - joy!

Anyway, as this is the first time I've been online properly since I got sick, I hope that everyone had a really nice Christmas and are enjoying the beginning on 2009.

Happy New Year Everyone!
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Yippy! It's the holidays, I'm finally off for Christmas and it's about bloody time!

Got all most of my marks back again, so I've got my certificate in design (at the end of each semester we get a certificate, then a diploma and then the masters - it gives you an opportunity to get out) and I did good, B3, B1 & A2. So it's all good and I can relax for Christmas.

Anyway, Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas! :santa:
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Four by emptyorchestra

Anyone who reads my page or frequents it at all is to go and look at my little sister Louise's page and look at her very first Daily Deviation.…

She's a fine artist in her third year. She's a lazy little cow and she's made me similtatiously incredibly proud and incredibly jealous.

And now I shall go and annoy her and make pay for making me give up one of my days off in order to help her set up her space for her uni assessment.

(Peasy, don't get used to me being nice to you! :glomp:)
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Firstly thanks to anyone who commented on my previous journal entry, I read some of them last night before I passed out :giggle: and it was nice to know people cared. :hug:

I went into PRI (Perth Royal Infirmary) this morning, I got taken in twenty minutes and a very nice nurse and a slightly serious (but nice) doctor managed to get it out in just over an hour - with the aid of two nerve blocks in my ankle, a digit block in my toe & a lot of ouch, blood, wiggling and chopping into my foot...


But he got it! And NO surgery! Yippy! :boogie:

I do, however, have to keep off my feet for a day or two just to make sure I don't aggrevate it or get an infection in my joint and I did go a whiter shade of pale on the drive home, but a cuppa and a bit of toasted helped that...

...and it doesn't hurt half as much as when I had a half inch piece of steel pin in my toe!

Thanks, xXx
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My first week is officially ruined!

It's Tuesday and I've spent most of today in hospitals. I'm an idiot. I dropped a box of dress makers pins on my floor. I thought I'd picked them all up and now I have one embedded in my foot for which I will have to miss a day of uni to have dug out or (if that doesn't work) have an operation!

All because I'm an idiot and one pin hid under my chair!

It's stupid, it must have snapped in my foot and I didn't notice when I pulled it out until it had swollen and I couldn't walk on it =( I've been hobbling around on the side of my left foot for days thinking it was just bruised and what's worst is I'm terrified of doctors.

Plus I had a really good lecture this morning. I'm really starting to enjoy my course & I've got the prospect of giving a presentation on Friday!

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